BELFAB BEL 150 15HP (108″ HIGH)

BELFAB BEL 150 15HP (108″ HIGH)


The BEL Series enclosureless dust collector is an industrial small capacity system generating up to 5000CFM. This dust collector is designed to collect dust particles ranging from coarse to mixed sizes, generated by wood machines operating in intermittent or continuous fashions and producing moderate to heavy dust loads. The BEL Series is generally recommended for applications involving one or two machines in a small shop environment or in larger facilities where there is a need for an industrial “stand alone solution”.

The BEL series is available in 9 feet high or 11 feet high compact design which makes it ideal for applications where height requirements are a concern. The BEL series integrates a high performance and super quiet 1800 RPM fan. The Hummer blower develops an airflow capacity of 5000CFM and holds a 10HP or 15HP motor. This blower is perfect for applications that require a low sound level (under 81 dB).

Brand:BELFAB Dust Collectors
Process:Dust Waste Management
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