Ironwood Sliding Table Saws SL 100 2600/8′

Ironwood Sliding Table Saws SL 100 2600/8′


IRONWOOD’s SL series of sliding table saws brings ultimate flexibility and versatility to an intuitive cutting solution. Designed to be a blend of innovation, dependability, and quality, the SL series delivers the quality and precision required for the final chip-free cut, improving the results of subsequent machining (i.e. edge-banding, drilling, etc.). This reduces assembly time, as parts fit easier, material costs are reduced, and the need for other machinery can be eliminated. Ideal for panel and solid wood processing, the series is capable of making perfect miters, as well as rip, jointing, and cross cuts.

The SL Series features aircraft grade aluminum sliding tables manufactured in Europe with perfected, vertical guidance for accurate and precise movement. The chrome hardened guiderails ensure that the sliding carriage traverses straight, without any lateral movement, ensuring square cuts over the full cutting length. These features help reduces operator fatigue for an operation that is totally maintenance free.

The rugged cast iron frame is robotically welded for absolute precision and strength to support heavy cutting operations. The saw unit is electronically balanced and precisely positioned to provide vibration-free performance during the cutting process. In additional to its heavy-duty design, the Ironwood SL series complies with the highest standards of international efficiency by using IE3 motors which reduce energy consumption over the life of the machine.

Brand:Ironwood Machinery
Process:Sawing & Cutting


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