Northtech NT-ES948SE 9″ X 48″ Edge Sander

Northtech NT-ES948SE 9″ X 48″ Edge Sander

Northtech offers a large family of industrial grade edge sanders. The NT-ES948SE falls into the middle of the family of edge sanders with that has a 9″x48″ sanding area on one side of the machine along with an end table for smaller and contoured sanding work. The single table design allows has a centrally located control panel that is easily accessible. Chrome side tables are tiltable to 45 degrees and are on a gear driven elevation system making it easy to take advantage of full use of the sanding belts on smaller parts. The electronic oscillation and heavy duty cast iron frame provides a vibration free base and heavy stock removal capability.

Brand:Northtech Machinery
Product Type:Edge Sanders
Technology:Edge Sanding
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