Heeseman HSM Compact Series

Heeseman HSM Compact Series

The HSM Compact was developed from the former SWT-200. This model now features numerous Heesemann technologies such as the maintenance-free CSD magnetic pressure beam utilised in all other Heesemann machines, the spindle height adjustment in the machine frame along with the absolutely plane-parallel Heesemann vacuum table for producing workpieces with perfect dimensional accuracy and, finally, a highly efficient extraction system for reduced energy consumption.

The HSM Compact is exceptionally user-friendly and capable of carrying out all of the various tasks with consistent quality: Calibration, intermediate veneer and lacquer sanding, structuring as well as cleaning panels, solid wood or veneered workpieces. The multifunctional sanding centre has a footprint of only 4.5 square metres and is ideal for producing a wide range of surface qualities. The HSM Compact is Heesemann’s smallest machine equipped with the maintenance-free CSD magnetic pressure beam as standard. It is available as a single-belt and a double-belt machine with six standard configurations and a range of useful equipment options.

Product Type:Wide Belt Sanders
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